Student Council

The Bedford Academy Student Council works to bridge the gap between students and teachers. Not only will the student council voice the opinions of Students and plan to make the school a better place from that end, but the student council must also work with teachers taking in input on how to improve the school. 



  • Students wishing to run must maintain an 80 average among all marking periods.
  • Have at least a 70 in each class.
  • Have 90% or above attendance.
  • Receive a verbal or written recommendation from a teacher that is to be presented to Dr.Muhammad. 
  • Demonstrates a willingness to help the school.

Refusal: to meet these criteria while in office may result in impeachment where the council member is placed on academic probation. 

What the Student Council will do.

  • Council members must here out both student and teachers concerns to improve the school environment.
  • Council members attend meetings with both students and teachers.
  • Council members plan events for the school ex(trips, club events, and more).
  • Council members present opportunities to students.


  • Council members will meet weekly.
  • The council  members will meet with their respective grades teacher every marking period. 
  • Council members will meet with their grade respective grade every other marking period marking period.
  • Certain meetings will be open floor giving students outside of the council the opportunity to voice themselves to the council.
  • There will be specialty meetings dedicated to certain topics/groups ( sports teams, clubs, test prep, trips, etc.)