Community Conversation Series For Freshmen Scholars

​​​Community Conversations Series/Monday/Wednesday & Friday

Fall and Spring of 2021-2022

Community Conversations is a series of classroom based discussions that engage 9th grade scholars in real-world discussions, which are designed to foster their critical thinking skills and analysis of broad topics. The course is taught by a visiting lecturer and Dr. Adofo A. Muhammad. Furthermore, the class is a part of the MBK (My Brother's Keeper) and MSK (My Sister's Keeper) initiatives. The outcomes of the course are as follows:

Students will be able to articulate their differences of opinion and be reflective of other perspectives and idea.

Culturally intelligent students that understand the importance of exercising their civic responsibility.

Developing a sense of self amongst students that can effectively adapt to other cultures without feeling insecure in theirs.

Creating the next generation of orators who can deliver, defend and share their individual experiences and aspirations of American culture, past, present and future.

  • Natural Disasters and the emotional state of survival
  • Internet Regulations and the proliferation of Fake News
  • African History of New York
  • Community Policing
  • Colorism (Spike Lee’s Perspective)
  • Cancel Culture
  • Prison Reform Initiatives
  • Voting Rights and its Timeline
  • Critical Race Theory and the Quest for Cultural Plurality
  • Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing
  • Reparations (The Debt/Randall Robinson)
  • Immigration
  • Nativism
  • Institutional Racism and White Supremacy
  • The Economics of water ways and hydroelectric power
  • Social and Emotional Learning Skills
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Community Sponsored Agriculture