Special Message

New Partnerships:

The Tomorrow’s Gifted Scholars Program was created to provide unprecedented areas and avenues for high school scholars to obtain access, acceptance and enrollment into colleges or universities.

 The Mission is to provide a multi-faceted college readiness platform for black and brown scholars with a 3.0 GPA or greater GPA, while counseling and advising on best practices for college exposure, acceptance and the enrollment process. Through academic referrals from high school counselors, the program will identify and recruit 30 to 45 juniors and seniors to participate. This will be in addition, to supporting incoming 9th graders Summer Bridge Scholars.

The Tomorrow’s Gifted Scholars program will provide hands on access to admissions officers from all categories of higher learning such as State University of New York (SUNY), Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and private institutions.

Tomorrow’s Gifted Scholars Program will guide and provide first-hand support to high school seniors throughout the college process in its entirety while at the same time instituting the practice of accountability. Our program begins with counseling and exposure to all components of the college process commencing with determining best fit. The Tomorrow’s Gifted Scholars Program partners with specialist in the fields of professional writing and communications in order to guide and support students through the college essay process. This partnership has also proven beneficial with both our scholar’s scholarship application process and awarding of financial aid. The Tomorrow’s Gifted Scholars Program also includes weekly mentoring, leadership and community engagement sessions. Our services end only after our high school seniors have selected and accepted their college preference.

The Vision is to expose urban black and brown scholars to top collegiate institutions that will afford them the opportunity to create and continue a legacy of future leaders.
Tomorrow’s Gifted Scholar Committee and Scholar Responsibilities:

  • The Tomorrow’s Gifted Scholar Program will provide College Readiness, Mentoring,
  • Leadership and Community Engagement sessions. Dates and times will be agreed upon with the High School Principal and the HS College counselors.
  • The Tomorrow’s Gifted Scholar Program will provide 15 to 20 educational sessions,  College Readiness, Mentoring and Leadership to12th graders, via zoom.
  • The Tomorrow’s Gifted Scholar Program will provide access to 15 - 20 universities for 11th and 12th graders, via zoom.
  • The Tomorrow’s Gifted Scholar Program will provide group and individual sessions for scholars and parents.

110% zoom call participation commitment from the scholars and the

Tomorrow’s Gifted Scholar Mentors will commit to:

  • Ongoing communications with scholars and parents on a weekly basis
  • Secure sound and growing relationships 
  • Identify institutions admission requirements 
  • Identify Scholarships and requirements
  • Identify institutions retention model
  • Provide a minimum of 20% acceptance letter
  • Provide a minimum of 90 hours more to 11th and 12th graders from September 2021 to April 2022
  • Provide a scholar and parent FAFSA workshop
  • Provide single day college tours (in person) if possible

Diversity Organization: Career Workshops:

The organization will hold monthly seminars and Zoom calls that will help facilitate scholar workshops that foster the following elements.

Stimulating Minds Through Entrepreneurship & Leadership: The mission of this organization is to introduce the forces of entrepreneurship by experiencing creative-thinking and critical decision-making skill sets to Bedford Academy scholars through the following courses:

 List of business enrichment courses   List of business courses