Parent Coordinator

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I have had the privilege to serve as parent coordinator of Bedford Academy High School for twelve years. Here at Bedford we are a family and as such, I believe that all parents should take an active role in their child’s academic success by developing ongoing communication with their child’s school whether they are in elementary, middle or high school. Parent involvement is an integral part of a students’ success, especially when they are high school students. We have an open door policy here at Bedford Academy and we welcome them to feel free to contact us with any concerns they may have. I enjoy communicating with parents and as such continue and will continue to reach out to them in my Parent Email Notification. I use every technological advantage to bridge what could be a gap between parents and our school. I send e-mails to provide them with up-to-date information, additionally I have become proficient in using the online messenger system that not only sends text messages, but sends phone messages as well. As telephone numbers are frequently changed, I encourage them to make sure that we have their current telephone number on file, so that you may receive these automated telephone messages.

Because I also believe that parents should know and be able to contact the parent coordinator, my telephone number, (718) 398-3061, it is freely given and used often.

I always close my correspondence to parents with “you’re the best” because we have the best parents…………..I say that because our parents, on the whole, go above and beyond the call of duty.