Dr. Adofo Muhammad, Principal  


Hello, my name is Alexander Terry, I have been working at Bedford Academy since 2004 as a history teacher. Currently I teach AP world history, Global Studies and Economics. As a product of New York City public schools I believe in the importance of establishing strong public schools throughout the city to meet the academic, social and cultural needs of students. Bedford Academy has been played an essential role in doing this since its inception in the Bedford Stuyvesant community. I love working here and enjoy being involved in producing the next generation of future leaders.

For the entire Global Studies NYS curriculum, use the link below:


Mr. Terry will facilitate the following:

Global History and Geography

The global history and geography core curriculum is designed to focus on the five social studies standards, common themes that recur across time and place, and eight historical units. Each unit lists the content, concepts and themes, and connections teachers should use to organize classroom instruction and plan for assessment. This curriculum provides students with the opportunity to explore what is happening in various regions and civilizations at a given time. In addition, it enables students to investigate issues and themes from multiple perspectives and make global connections and linkages that lead to in-depth understanding. As students explore the five social studies standards, they should have multiple opportunities to explore the content and intellectual skills of history and the social science disciplines.

AP World History

AP World History is in part based on the study the cultural, economic, political, and social developments that have shaped the world from c. 1200 CE to the present. You’ll analyze texts, visual sources, and other historical evidence and write essays expressing historical arguments.

Course Content

Unit 1: The Global Tapestry
Unit 2: Networks of Exchange
Unit 3: Land-Based Empires
Unit 4: Transoceanic Interconnections
Unit 5: Revolutions
Unit 6: Consequences of Industrialization
Unit 7: Global Conflict
Unit 8: Cold War and Decolonization
Unit 9: Globalization