Dr. Adofo Muhammad, Principal  


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 Hello Parents and Guardians, I would like to reintroduce myself.  I have taught in DOE for close to twenty years. Prior to that I was a blood bank technologist at three major area hospitals.  Thus I bring with me a wealth of scientific as well as professional experience.  I believe that without science nothing is possible and thus I take great pleasure in assisting our youth in making discoveries in the world of science.  I would like to influence as many of our young scholars as possible to consider and pursue a career in science.  This is my goal not just because of my love for chemistry, but for three major reasons. The first because there are so many areas we have barely began to explore, secondly any future discoveries would improve the quality of life for millions of people and give us a better understanding of life, and thirdly we need more minorities and women to enter the scientific community. 

Parents and Guardians I need your assistance in attaining my goals.  I can only do this with your support thus I look forward to working with you in shaping our young women and men and guiding them along the path to becoming well rounded and educated individuals.