SLT By-Laws  

Dr. Adofo Muhammad, Principal  |  
Dr. Cluny Lavache, Asst. Principal 

Dr. Adofo A Muhammad, Principal
Dr. Cluny Lavache, Assistant Principal

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School Leadership Team By-Laws

Developed by Bedford Academy SLT Committee

Article I – Team Name:      
BASLT – Bedford Academy School Leadership Team, referred to as team.

Article II – Purpose:
Section 1.   The purpose of the school leadership team is to assist advise and provide the principal with a myriad of strategies and input geared at improving student performance and school-based services.  This team will also help design, develop and implement a comprehensive educational plan that is aligned with state and regional standards.

The goals of the Bedford Academy Leadership Team:

-Maintain the vision and mission of Bedford Academy, which is to provide Central Brooklyn high school students with:
-A small learning environment designed to promote rigorous academic achievement by maintaining small class sizes where the teacher-to-student ratio is 1:20.
            1.2       The opportunity to develop both academically and socially.
            1.3       Diverse Learning opportunities include but are not limited to postsecondary study, career awareness and community service.
-A heightened awareness of the opportunities available through academic excellence that is not guided by mediocrity.
-An ownership of their own post secondary education and career choices including but not limited to engineering, medicine and law related fields.

Section 2.   The specific goals of the School Leadership Team:
-To help design and monitor the school’s instructional program to meet and exceed established performance standards.
-To continuously adjust the instructional approach to meet the needs of students.
-To conduct a comprehensive assessment of the school’s performance which will serve as a foundation for the development of the school improvement plan.
-To research, monitor and evaluate  potential initiatives.
-To maintain and enhance a favorable relationship with the community.
-To implement strategies that will enhance student consciousness of the steps toward and value of attaining a High School diploma
-To develop, implement, and evaluate the school improvement plan.
-To assist in acquisition of funds to improve the Bedford Academy community.
-To develop strategies to improve parental involvement in social development, extended day academic enrichment.
To develop scholars to college / university readiness.

Section 3.    Limitations
-The team may not violate the confidentiality rights of Bedford staff, parents, students and persons with business before the team.
-The team may not violate any provisions of collective bargaining agreements, a state or city law or ordinance, or a board of education or regional regulation or policy.
-The team may not discuss the evaluation of staff members.

 Article III – Team Membership
Section 1.         Number of Team Members and Constituencies:
-The team shall consist of minimum of 10 voting members and not to exceed 17 members.
-The core members shall consist of the principal, UFT representative and PTA president.

 Section 2.         Selection of Members
-The school principal, UFT representative, and PTA president shall automatically serve the team.
-The parent members shall be chosen by process determined by the Parent Teacher Association.
-Teachers and staff are to be chosen by a process determined by Bedford Academy staff and faculty.

 Section 3.         Term of Office
-The principal, UFT chapter leader and PTA president serve on the team as long as they are in their respective positions.
-Non-core members will be elected annually.

 Section 4.         Expectations for the team members
-Team members are accountable to their constituents and shall regularly attend and participate in team meetings.
-Participate in information and training programs.
-Act as a link between the team and the community; and encourage the participation of parents and others in the school community.

 Section 5.         Non-attendance related removal
-Members who automatically have three absences during the school year will be removed by the leadership team.  Removal will be noted in the minutes.
-The Chair will conduct an evidentiary hearing to determine misconduct.
-Removal will determined by a majority vote at the hearing

Hearing to establish misconduct.
-Team Present
-Accused Member present
-Emergency meeting and vote
-Team members may resign their seat by delivering a written letter of resignation to the team.
-Any elected member may be removed because of malfeasance or misfeasance, dereliction of duty.
-The Chair will conduct an evidentiary hearing to determine misconduct.

 Section 6.         Filling of Vacancies
-In the event of a vacancy the team will appoint a member from the constituency affected to complete the remaining term.

 Section 7.         Observers
-Non-team members may attend team meetings as observers at the discretion of the team. Observers will not participate in the discussion unless the team has invited them to provide information.
-Observers will not be involved in making decisions.

Article IV- Team Structure
Section 1.         Officers and Their Elections
The officers of the team shall be elected by majority vote at the June meeting.
     -Team chairperson

 Section 2.         Duties of Officers
-The chairperson shall prepare the agenda in consultation with the principal. Additionally the chairperson shall.
-Have overall responsibility for the affairs of the team.
-Ensure that all orders and resolutions of the team are put into effect.
-Ensure minutes of the team meetings are recorded and filed.
-Communicate regularly with principal.
-Ensure there is regular and ongoing communication with the school community.
-Consult with the appropriate assistant superintendent as required.

-The co-chairperson shall, the absence of the chairperson, perform the duties and exercise the powers of the chairperson and shall perform such other duties as shall be asked of him/her by the chair at all times.
-Co-chairs will arrange for a facility for meetings
-Co-chair will ensure minutes of team meeting and recorded and filed.

-The secretary shall attend all meetings of the team and act as a clerk thereof and shall be responsible for recording all votes and minutes of all proceedings in the books to be kept for that purpose.
-The secretary shall give notice of all meetings to all members of the team and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the team or chairperson under whose supervision he/she shall work.

 Section 3.         Election Procedures
-Elections would be done in the first meeting. Nominations can be done from the floor or in writing.
-Chairperson and Co-chair will be elected by consensus; Committee chairpersons to oversee committee chairperson to oversee committees or projects.
-Length of term for chairperson: Two years

Article V-Meetings

Section 1.         Schedule
-Meetings schedule will determined by the team at the September meeting.
-All dates for subsequent general meetings will be set for academic year.
-The team will meet once a monthly in addition to monthly meetings of all permanent subcommittees.
-The meeting schedule will be developed by the team to accommodate as many members as possible.
-Members may miss a maximum of 3 excused meetings.
-Removal of a member for attendance will be done in accordance with Article III. Section 5.1.

Section 2.         Attendance at Meeting
-Who may attend meetings? Meetings are open to the school community.
-All in attendance may participate with permission of the chair/facilitator.
Public Participation:
-Each meeting will begin with an open forum for six minutes.
-Speakers and purpose for speaking must be on the agenda.
-Allotted time for each speaker should be limited to two minutes.
-Action to the speakers request will be discussed later with a response provided in writing where necessary.
-All personnel issues will be discussed during a closed session. (A closed session is for voting team members only.)

 Section 3.         Notice of Meetings
3.1       Meeting notification will be given via regular mail, email, school calendar, and school letter, via school notices through students and/or in person when necessary or available.

 Section 4.         Quorum
-A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of voting members, which shall include a minimum two of the core membership in order to conduct business that leads to a decision.

 Section 5.         Conducting Meetings
-Meetings will be conducted in accordance with “Roberts Rules of Order” and all Bedford Academy School Leadership Team By-Laws.

 Section 6.         Order of Business
The fallowing order of business shall be observed in all regular meetings:
     -Call to Order
     -Open Forum
     -Reading and approval of minutes
     -Old business
     -New business
     -Questions & Answers
     -Agenda Preparation

 Section 7.         Agenda
-Agenda will be determined by chairperson in conjunction with the principal and Article V section six-one of the by-laws.

Article VI-Decision–Making

-Decisions shall be made by majority vote or consensus of the voting members of the team.
-If consensus or majority cannot be reached and conflict relation fails, the final determination will be rendered by the principal.  If the principal cannot be reached, decision will be tabled until he is in contact.
-In the event of an emergency or when consultation of the entire team is not possible, modified consensus in acceptable when there is a question of timeliness.  Modified consensus, will consist of consultation with chairperson or co-chairpersons along with the core members will be consulted with communication in writing to follow to the entire team.

Conflict Resolution- If SLT cannot reach consensus:
-Table until the next meeting.
-Seek outside guidance for additional information.
-Bring in facilitator (if necessary)

Article VII-Amendment Procedures:
-Annual review of bylaws will occur in June.
     -Copies of the by-Laws will be distributed to SLT members in May.
     -Changes will be discussed, debated, and voted upon the annual review.
     -Amendments will be made by majority vote.

Appeal Process:
     -Appeal to the Local Instructional Superintendent
     -Appeal to the Superintendent
     -Deputy Chancellor

Article VIII-Communication
-The team will communicate its activities and decisions to the school community through a bulletin board, newsletter, and PTA meetings or by any other means deemed appropriate by the team.  All minutes of meetings will be posted on the public bulletin board.  Written request must be obtained in order to receive copies of minutes of any individual not a member of the team or by any group of the school community.  -These  requests may be honored via regular mail or in person.
The team and its members may utilize email, school and district newsletters, special bulletins, flyers, and meetings.
-In addition, an SLT binder will be kept in an accessible location in the school office, complete with minutes, Comprehensive Educational Plan and the current charter with the membership list.
A suggestion box accessible to the staff and community to submit suggested items for agendas will be kept in the school office.

Bylaws Review and Amendment
-The bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting meeting of the team, provided notice of any proposed changes have been given at a previous meeting.  In addition, the by laws will be reviewed annually, at the start of the school year to ensure that the documents provisions meet the needs of the team.

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