Greetings of Peace and Love!  I am Ms. Jocelyn Naquines Rabina and this is my 8th year of teaching Mathematics at Bedford.  For me, being a teacher at Bedford is no longer a profession but rather a vocation (a calling) because I am happy and proud to say that I have found the place where my heart and soul was searching for – Bedford Academy High School – the school where the combined strengths and coordinated efforts of teachers, administrators and parents are geared towards one goal:  the success of every child.

My only mission of teaching Math at Bedford is straightforward:  to deliver the best possible high quality Mathematics education to the students so that they get back on track and find success in Math.  On that note, I even offer students a personalized teaching, where each student presents a different challenge, for them to become proficient in Mathematics and making sure that they enjoy learning it as much as I enjoy teaching it.


Dr. Adofo Muhammad, Principal