Dr. Adofo Muhammad, Principal  


Principals Advisory Council

The Bylaws set forth in this document detail the purpose, constitutional principles and non-negotiables (code of conduct) the group must follow to conduct business in an orderly manner. The principal’s advisory council is open to all Bedford Academy scholars. However, you must be committed and provide your most precious resource, your time.


Our Purpose:

To build on the positive community principles in Bedford Academy and improve on previous ideas that benefit the collective school community. The council will field ideas from the school community and seek to build upon ideas to determine the viability of the ideas articulated by the general student body. In addition, develop ideas that emanate from the council itself. The ultimate objective is to create an atmosphere that ensures that all members of the school community receive a high-quality education, function in a safe environment, engage in social and emotional activities that promote mental and physical health and engage in community service activities that benefit the school community.


Constitutional Principles:

Freedom of Speech and an equal contribution from all members, everyone makes an equal contribution to general discussions.
Provide a safe environment for all members of the school community.
All members will engage in self-advocacy, for the improvement of the school community.
Express ideas that reflect the collective interest instead of individual needs.
We will support each other.
We will seek to ensure community and school-wide unity.
We will engage in collective work and responsibility.
Our meetings and discussions will be purposeful.


Non-Negotiables in regard to members:

Treat everyone with mutual respect.
If you disagree with someone’s idea, there must be peaceful disagreements.
No form of discrimination will be tolerated.