Bedford Academy is an institution predicated upon the academic, social, cultural and emotional development of the scholars it serves. Our school is upheld by three pillars: Students, parents and educators. The foundational principles Bedford Academy is built on is academic empowerment is the birthright of every child. We also collectively believe that through love, discipline and structure all scholars can ascend to greatness. Many people believe in luck, however we believe that luck is simply when opportunity meets preparation.

As we engage our students in their pursuit of greatness and preparation for the future, we collectively share in the responsibility for their aforementioned greatness, therefore as a leader, I lead by example. Bedford Academy will continue to provide a robust educational experience to all of the scholars that we are charged with developing on an academic level and social and emotional level. This forthcoming school year (2020-2021) will be a profound challenge. However, through innovation and a collective plan of action, Bedford Academy will continue to offer a tradition of success.

- Adofo A. Muhammad

Adofo Muhammad, Principal

Dr. Cluny Lavache, Asst. Principal