Adofo Muhammad, Principal

Cluny Lavache, Asst. Principal

My name is Mr. Odetalla.  Teaching physical education is a passion of mine because of my love for sports and being active.  Physical education gives you a chance to let loose, especially when you spend a good portion of your day sitting down, listening to someone talk for what seems like forever, and taking notes.  I want to give students a chance to release tension and have fun, while improving their overall health.  I believe in using the least amount of words and "getting down to business."  My philosophy is all about the students learning through experience: Try something and if it works, keep doing it.  If it doesn't work, tweak it around and see if that works for you.

As a health teacher, I have a similar philosophy.  I was never a great lecturer, but I think that really helps make me a better health educator.  Instead of telling you what to do and what not to do, I will give you the information and help you make your own decisions.  I feel that the only way someone will learn something is if that something personally affects that someone, and that will only happen when there is experience to be attained.