The purpose of this program  is to develop a holistic approach to looking at leadership. Leadership is a critical management skill, that can be used to motivate a group of people to work actively toward a common goal. 

Scholars will learn:

  • Develop fundamental, enduring positive attitudes, behavior patterns, and practical life management skills that will help to shape students manhood beyond the course.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the essential elements of healthy and responsible living.
  • Strengthen reading and comprehension skill and create a textual lineage.
  • Obtain a deeper understanding of what it means to be ready for college. Students are informed about the importance of high school performance in college admissions and how to prepare for college testing. They know the types of schools and degrees they may choose to pursue after high school and gain wide exposure to the financial resources available that make college attainable.
  • Begin to connect the link between interests, college majors, and future careers by analyzing career clusters. Students come away from this course understanding how smart preparation and skill development in high school can lead into expansive career opportunities after they have completed their education and are ready for the working world.
  • Scholars who complete this course obtain a deeper understanding of college and career readiness through informative, interactive critical thinking and analysis activities while sharpening their time management, organization, and learning skills.
  • Scholars learn how to build the critical thinking, writing, and reading skills required in a media-rich and increasingly techno-centric world.
  • Scholars will  learn how to ask critical questions about the intended audience and underlying purpose of media messages, and study factors which can contribute to bias and affect credibility.

Our mission is to assist in the transition of adolescent boys into manhood through the use of moral values and codes of conduct, which will foster self-knowledge, commitment to community, academic excellence, gender appreciation and responsibility.


  • To build self-esteem, confidence and motivation.
  • To change perceptions of women and to clarify concepts of love, masculinity and feminity.
  • To develop a knowledge of self.
  • To cultivate a sense of belonging and commitment among all group members.
  • To create and implement a code of conduct that is practical and concrete.
  • To enhance listening skills and the ability to be receptive.
  • To foster a sense of pride and value of life.
  • To address emotional, moral and spiritual needs.
  • To promote a sense of responsibility, confidence and leadership.
  • To provide a model of manhood.
  • To strengthen academic achievement.
  • To instill a sense of community, both locally and internationally.


  • We will support each other.
  • We will not do or deal drugs.
  • We will not kill each other.
  • Unity.
  • Self-determination.
  • Collective work and responsibility.
  • Cooperative economics.
  • Purpose.
  • Creativity.


Dr. Adofo Muhammad, Principal