Adofo Muhammad, Principal

Dr. Cluny Lavache, Asst. Principal 

Community Conversations Series
September 13th           Immigration and its impact on North America’s social, political and  economic policies              

October 4th                 Institutional Racism and its consequences on (POC) People of color                          

October 18th                 Criminal Justice Reform and New York City Youth

November 1st              Voting Right’s

November 15th           The Case for Reparations/H.R. 4

December 6th              Social and Emotional Learning Skills and how to apply in society

December 20th            Citizenship in the age of the New Jim Crow

January 3rd                    Border Wars: The Military Industrial Complex

January 17th                   Dubois V. Booker T. Approach

January 31st                   Environmental Conservation

February 14th                 Cross Cultural Conversations /Sharing our Values    

February 28th                 The N-Word and Colorism

March 13th                        Disaster Preparedness- The Cry for Environmental Protection

March 27th                       Voices of Peace-Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing

April 24th                          The Proliferation of Gangs and the Demonization of youth Culture  

May 8th                             Social Media and Government Regulations and Fake News

May 22nd                          Health and Community Sponsored Agriculture – The need to develop healthy life-styles

June 5th                           Policing Communities of Color

June 19th                         Inclusion of People of Color in the World of New Technology

Every Friday, there will be a series of discussions centered on the 9th grade scholars. The workshops will be based on their social and emotional learning through different modalities. In addition to the Community Conversation series topics, additional topics will include but are not limited to the following:

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
Media Studies
Current Events
Conflict Resolution
Mental Health and Wellness