What is the role of the School Counselor?

To empower all learners to choose those experiences which lead to greater individual competencies, more positive personality building which leads to a more effective participation in community life.


How is this done?

By emphasizing attainable objectives and expected student competencies in such areas as the following:


Developing self-knowledge
Establishing and implementing educational plans
Involving parents in decision making planning
Achieving academic proficiency standards
Exploring educational and occupational options
Planning for future careers
Forming realistic perceptions of the world of work
Developing effective personal and social skills
Improving interpersonal skills


The focus of a successful Counseling Program should be preventive rather than remedial, but would include provisions for resolving recurrent problems.


With community support I know we can take our children to the next step in their development.


What is the next step?

The next step is: Self –Awareness, Community Building, and Adulthood.


Steve Burrell

School Counselor


Adofo Muhammad, Principal

Cluny Lavache, Asst. Principal