Mr Burrell

Guidance Counselor

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Guidance Counselor: Burrell

What is the role of the School Counselor?
To empower all learners to choose those experiences which lead to greater individual competencies, more positive personality building which leads to a more effective participation in community life.

What are the next step in order to achieve this goal?

The next step are:

  • Self –Awareness
  • Community Building
  • Adulthood.



Dr. Adofo Muhammad, Principal  


How is this done?

By emphasizing attainable objectives and expected student competencies in such areas as the following:

  • Developing self-knowledge
  • Establishing and implementing educational plans
  • Involving parents in decision making planning
  • Achieving academic proficiency standards
  • Exploring educational and occupational options
  • Planning for future careers
  • Forming realistic perceptions of the world of work
  • Developing effective personal and social skills
  • Improving interpersonal skills

 The focus of a successful Counseling Program should be preventive rather than remedial, but would include provisions for resolving recurrent problems.

 With community support I know we can take our children to the next step in their development.